• Production Capacity

    We have advanced equipment and capabilities

    raw material

    Raw material reserve

    Normally we keep 3months' material in stock. we will add 1 month's currency for the long-term and stable customers, in case the rare earth material price rises.

    We have a mature sintering process;

    6 sets Sintering Furnaces(500Kg Level) and 13 sets Sintering Furnaces(300Kg Level) Annual output is 3,000 Tons.


    We have a mature pressing process;

    6 sets Oriented pressing Daily capacity is 8 Tons.

    Various design and manufacturing capabilities for various environmental protection requirements;

    19 sets high-precision cutting processing equipment. Daily capacity is 8 Tons. meanwhile only 12 operators are enough, previously 120 employees. Obviously labor cost is much lower than before, also compliance with National trend.

    Airflow mill

    It is customized for all kinds of special magnet products

    3 sets Jet Milling Daily capacity is 8 Tons.

    electroplating technology

    In 2018 NINGBO STRONG MAGNETS CO., LTD builds a new plating plant, especially for NDFEB magnets, covering 4000m2.This plant includes 3 lines Automatic barrel plating&1 line rack plating for Nickel,2 lines Automatic barrel plating&1 line rack plating for Zinc.


    High-quality, high-demand product production process control capabilities

    We have high quality control process before, in and after mass production.

    Excellent packaging system

    We have very strong assemble dept to do all kinds of packaging job.

    Standard export packing is suitable for Air and Sea transportation.