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Physical Properties and Magnetic units

Physical properties of sintered NdFeB material
Curie pointoC310~340
Reversibie temperature coefficient of Br(20~100oC)%/oC-0.100~-0.130
Reversible temperature coefficient of Hcj (20~100oC)%/oC-0.40~-0.70
Densityg/cm3 7.3~7.7
Vickers hardnessHv10500~700
Bending strengthMPa150~400
Tensile strengthMPa80
Compressive strengthMPa800~1250
Specific resistanceµΩcm110-170
Thermal conductivityW/(m.oC)5~15
Thermal expansion10-6/oC5(//)
Specific heatJ/(kg.oC)350-550
Weight lossmg/cm2 Specification by user

Magnetic Sizes and Units

Unit and SymbolSI-unitsConversion table
Flux density BT(Tesla)1T=1Vs/m2=10kG
Polarization JT(Tesla)1T=1Vs/m2=10kG
Magnetic field strength HA/M1A/cm=0.4πOe≈1.257Oe
Energy density (BH)mKJ/m3 1kJ/m3=0.126MGOe
Magnetic fluxøWb(Weber)1Wb=1Vs=10Mx

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